Ten fun facts about Adalbert Czerny

Fact 1
When he was offered the chair of pediatrics in the new Children's Hospital in Strassburg in 1910 he accepted and worked there until 1913.

Fact 2
In 1913, he became the successor of Otto Heubner as full professor for pediatrics at the Berlin Charité.

Fact 3
He founded the international School of Pediatrics.

Fact 4
As professor emeritus he accepted a chair for pediatrics at the Medical Academy in Düsseldorf, where he temporarily was head of the local Children's Hospital from 1934 to 1936.

Fact 5
The school founded by Czerny was mainly concerned with nutrition physiology and metabolic pathology of neonates.

Fact 6
Some children's diseases were named after Czerny in recognition of his work.

Fact 7
The German Association of Children's and Juvenile Medicine annually gives out the Adalbert Czerny Award.

Fact 8
The Adalbert Czerny Award was started in 1963 (the 100th anniversary of Czerny' birth) and goes to persons with outstanding scientific achievements in pediatrics.

Fact 9
Czerny used the phrase “disorder of nutrition” and this showed how nutrition as well as disease are related to each other and how they affect infant health.

Fact 10
Just recently, Adalbert Czerny’s 105th birthday was remembered by one of the Google Doodles.

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Short about Adalbert Czerny
Adalbert Czerny was an Austrian pediatrician and is considered co-founder of modern pediatrics

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