Ten fun facts about Timothy John Berners-Lee

Fact 1
As a child, he was a trainspotter, which helped him learn about electronics since he played with model railroads.

Fact 2
His mother and father were the firsts to work on building a computer.

Fact 3
His initial prototype system that he developed to help update and share information was the basis for his development of the World Wide Web.

Fact 4
He founded the W3C in 1994 and allowed companies to explore his idea freely since he requested no patent for it.

Fact 5
He became the chair in Computer Science at the School of Electronic and Computer Science at the University of Southampton in 2004.

Fact 6
In a 2009 interview, he apologized for the backslashes (\\) when entering a web address. He deemed them unnecessary.

Fact 7
He still works to improve the Web for positive reasons and in 2009 launched the World Wide Web Foundation.

Fact 8
In 2012 he became the President of the Open Data Institute in the United Kingdom.

Fact 9
He leads the coalition for the Alliance for Affordable Internet, hoping to make the Internet more accessible for the rest of the developing world.

Fact 10
He has received numerous awards, including the Webby Award for Lifetime Achievement and he was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.

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Short about Timothy John Berners-Lee
A British computer science who developed the World Wide Web.

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