Ten fun facts about Robin Wright

Fact 1
Robin Wright started modeling at a very early age and traveled to both Japan as well as Paris for modeling assignments while she was still in high school.

Fact 2
She had a fairly successful modeling career, but dancing interested her more than being photographed did. She actually aspired to be a dancer.

Fact 3
Robin made her mark on television and on the acting-world in her role as Kelly Capwell in Santa Barbara, the soap opera. She earned 3, Daytime Emmy nominations for the role.

Fact 4
She won the lead role in the 1987 hit "The Princess Bride" while she was still under the Santa Barbara contract. She added nine months to the contract only but really wanted to get sprung from it.

Fact 5
Wright is the National campaign spokesperson for “Myasthenia Gravis”

Fact 6
Her son, Hopper Jack was born on August 6, 1993. She named him after two close family friends. The first was Dennis Hopper and the other, Jack Nicholson.

Fact 7
She never wanted to be sidelined in any movie and turned down the 1995 film, Batman Forever. She felt that the female lead had a very inconsequential role in the movie.

Fact 8
She backed out of “The Firm” in which she was to play the role of Abby McDeere, as she discovered that she was pregnant. The movie went on to become a hit.

Fact 9
She is a shrewd businesswoman and owns two Texan oil wells.

Fact 10
Kent- the biggest rock band in Sweden had made a mention of her name in the international hit- “Palace and Main”.

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Short about Robin Wright
Is a 1966-born, hugely talented American film actress.

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