Ten fun facts about Noam Chomsky

Fact 1
Noam Chomsky was born in Philadelphia in the 1928. As of 2013, he has worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the fifty years.

Fact 2
Known as the “father of modern linguistics”, Noam Chomsky has gained recognition for his dedicated work in the field of linguistics and has contributed greatly to its study.

Fact 3
He enjoyed being the most quoted living academician for a period of twelve years, owing to his great intellect and superior knowledge.

Fact 4
Noam Chomsky gained respect for his strong political views and has defended them many a times against seasoned opponents, only to emerge victorious.

Fact 5
He has inspired a great deal of development in fields such mathematics and computer science and aided in developing them.

Fact 6
Throughout his life, Chomsky has gained prominence as a noted literary giant as he has authored more than hundred books on various subjects of relevance.

Fact 7
His work in linguistics includes the Chomsky Hierarchy and the Minimalist Program that he developed in 1995.

Fact 8
He has also written on mass media, politics and war in addition to his extensive work in linguistics

Fact 9
Chomsky made use of formal grammar in order to understand what makes up the creativity or productivity of a particular language amongst other major contributions to linguistics.

Fact 10
He continues to be a resident of Lexington and travels when he can, to deliver lectures to more people and shape young minds.

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Short about Noam Chomsky
Is an American philosopher, historian, linguist and activist.

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