Ten fun facts about Meg Ryan

Fact 1
Her very first film audition was for a role in the 1981 film, “Endless Love “. It was eventually played by Brooke Shields.

Fact 2
Definitely an interesting point- There is an asteroid named after her. It’s called 8353 Megryan.

Fact 3
The 1989 romantic comedy film “When Harry Met Sally” is one of Meg’s most critically acclaimed films. She had received a Globe nomination for it.

Fact 4
It was believed that Tom Hanks and Meg made an excellent on-screen couple. They starred opposite each other in three romantic comedies. “Joe vs. The Volcano”, “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve got mail”.

Fact 5
She turned down several roles in romantic films that eventually became box-office hits. Demi Moore’s role in “Ghost” Julia Roberts' role in “Pretty Woman”.

Fact 6
Meg Ryan also turned down the “To Die For” role in 1995. That role was later played by Nicole Kidman. The movie went on to become a major success.

Fact 7
Meg was the inspiration for the famous Savage Garden song, "All Around Me". Daniel Jones, the band's compose had a massive crush on her then.

Fact 8
She took 3 weeks of boxing lessons in preparation for her role in the 2004 film, “Against the Ropes”.

Fact 9
The perfect model for teenagers, Meg did numerous national commercials for Barbie and several other products while she was in her teens.

Fact 10
She played Candice Bergen's daughter two times. First, in “The Rich and Famous” and “The Women”.

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Short about Meg Ryan
Is an American film and TV actress and producer.

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