Ten fun facts about John Mills

Ten fun facts about John Mills

1. Sir John Mills, CBE, Legendary Actor and Writer, Passes Away

Sir John Mills, CBE, was born on 22 February 1908 in North Elmham, Norfolk. He was a celebrated actor, writer, and director who had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. He was best known for his roles in films such as 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips' (1939), 'Great Expectations' (1946), and 'Ryan's Daughter' (1970). He was awarded an Oscar for his performance in 'Ryan's Daughter' and was also awarded a CBE in 1976. Sadly, Sir John Mills passed away on 23 April 2005, leaving behind a legacy of memorable performances.

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2. Iconic Actor John Mills Dies at 91

John Mills was an iconic actor who enjoyed a remarkable career spanning seven decades, appearing in over 120 films. His impressive body of work included classics such as 'Great Expectations', 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips', 'Swiss Family Robinson', 'Ryan's Daughter', 'The Family Way', 'The Wrong Box', 'The Chalk Garden', 'The Heroes of Telemark' and 'Gandhi'. His performances earned him an Academy Award, two BAFTA Awards, a Golden Globe Award and a British Film Academy Fellowship.

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3. John Mills, Actor with deteriorating eyesight, continues to act

Despite his deteriorating eyesight, John Mills continued to act throughout the 1990s, taking on a variety of roles, both as blind characters and those with full vision. His commitment to his craft was unwavering, and he was able to bring a unique level of realism to his performances, drawing on his own experiences with vision loss. His work during this period was highly acclaimed, and he was nominated for several awards for his performances.

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4. Sir A celebrated actor

Sir John Mills was a celebrated actor, having been awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in 1960 and the Knight Bachelor of the Order of the British Empire in 1976 for his outstanding contribution to drama. His career spanned over seven decades, during which he starred in over 100 films and television shows, and was nominated for an Academy Award four times. His work was recognised with numerous awards, including the CBE and the Knight Bachelor, which were bestowed upon him in recognition of his excellence in drama.

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5. A Life in the Arts

John Mills was a highly respected figure in the entertainment industry, having served as a council member of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and a life patron of the Variety Club. His commitment to the arts was unwavering, and his influence on the industry was far-reaching. He was a passionate advocate for the development of young talent, and his dedication to the craft of acting was evident in his many successful film and stage performances.

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6. Father-daughter Oscar-winning duo

John Mills and his daughter Hayley Mills are one of only two father-daughter Oscar-winning couples in history, the other being Henry and Jane Fonda. In both cases, the daughter won an Oscar before her father, with Hayley Mills receiving her award for her role in the 1960 film "Pollyanna" at the age of 12, while her father John Mills won his Oscar for his role in the 1971 film "Ryan's Daughter".

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7. The Actor with a Passion for Military Characters

John Mills was an actor with a passion for playing military characters, having done so an astonishing 31 times throughout his career - almost a third of all his movies. His fascination with portraying soldiers and officers was evident in his dedication to the roles, and he was widely regarded as one of the best actors to bring these characters to life.

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8. A celebrated actor and filmmaker

John Mills was a celebrated actor and filmmaker who was highly regarded for his immense contribution to the film industry. As a testament to his success, he was made a Fellow of the British Film Institute, a prestigious honour that is bestowed upon those who have made a significant impact in the world of film. Mills' career spanned over seven decades, during which he starred in over 120 films and won an Academy Award for his performance in Ryan's Daughter.

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9. From Chorus Boy to Icon

John Mills made his professional debut in 1927, when he was just a chorus boy in the Hippodrome show 'The Five O'clock Revue' starring Enest Truex. This was the start of a long and successful career for Mills, who went on to become one of the most beloved actors of his generation.

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10. John Mills met T.E. Lawrence

John Mills achieved great success on the American stage when he portrayed T.E. Lawrence in the play 'Ross'. Mills had the unique opportunity to meet the real Lawrence in 1931, when he was working on the play 'Cavalcade'. This meeting was made possible through his close friend Noel Coward, who had a personal connection to Lawrence.

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