Ten fun facts about Konrad Lorenz

Fact 1
Konrad Lorenz was born on November 7, 1903 in Vienna, Austria. At the age of 10 he read Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory and developed a fascination for science.

Fact 2
He gained a degree in medicine in 1929 and was awarded a doctorate in zoology at the University of Vienna and in 1933 Lorenz earned his PhD in that field.

Fact 3
Between the years 1935 to 1938, Lorenz developed the theories for which he is best known.

Fact 4
From 1961 to 1973 Konrad Lorenz was the director of the Max Planck Institute for Behaviour Physiology, in Seewiesen, Germany.

Fact 5
His career as an animal behaviorist was launched when an ornithological journalist printed his jackdaw diary. He also worked on the development of social relationships, particularly imprinting.

Fact 6
In 1973, Lorenz, Karl Frisch and Tinbergen jointly accepted the Nobel Prize for their behavioral research.

Fact 7
Lorenz retired in 1973 from the Max Planck Institute but continued to research and publish from Alternberg and Grünau im Almtal in Australia.

Fact 8
Konrad Lorenz served as a doctor in the Germany army and became a prisoner of war in 1942. He was not released for repatriation to Austria till 1948.

Fact 9
His best-known books are “King Solomon’s Ring” (1949) and “On aggression” (1966), both written for a popular audience.

Fact 10
Lorenz died on February 27, 1989 in Altenberg.

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Short about Konrad Lorenz
Was an Austrian behaviorist and one of the principal founders of ethology, a branch of sciences that attempts to gain a deeper insight of behavioral patterns in animals.

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