Ten fun facts about Jeff Bridges

Fact 1
Jeff Bridges has stated that of all the films that he has acted in, his two favorite films are “American Heart” and “Fearless.”

Fact 2
When he is not acting, the actor dabbles in photography as a hobby. On the sets, when he is between takes, he is known to take snapshots of everything around him.

Fact 3
Prior to becoming an actor, Jeff Bridges served as part of the United States Coast Guard.

Fact 4
He was originally considered for the lead role of the character Jack in the Hollywood hit “Speed.” The role later went to Keanu Reeves.

Fact 5
Director Terry Gilliam wanted Jeff Bridges to play the role of James Cole in “Twelve Monkeys.” However, the studio insisted on hiring Bruce Willis stating that he was more bankable.

Fact 6
Jeff Bridges is very close friends with two very popular cult directors. These are Terry Gilliam and John Carpenter.

Fact 7
Director Tim Burton originally considered the actor for the role in his “Batman” reboot in 1989 but that casting did not materialize eventually for several reasons.

Fact 8
While a student at Brentwood Academy, Jeff Bridges was a football player.

Fact 9
Jeff Bridges enjoys playing the guitar. In 2011 he took time off from acting in order to focus on his music. During that time he recorded a self-titled album that he promoted and toured.

Fact 10
Jeff Bridges founded the “No Kid Hungry” program. He is also the national spokesperson for the organization.

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Short about Jeff Bridges
Is a well-known and much admired Californian born actor famous for his role in “The Big Lewboski.”

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