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Ten fun facts about Japan

Fact 1:
In Japan, there are vending machines that dispense beer.

Fact 2:
Japanese kitchens does not necessary have ovens.

Fact 3:
Japan has around 1500 earthquakes each year.

Fact 4:
Rice is common in the traditional Japanese breakfast.

Fact 5:
The major religions in Japan is Buddhism and Shinto, even though religion does not have a significant impact in Japanese people’s life.

Fact 6:
Japan has one of the highest average life expectancy rate.

Fact 7:
The estimated population in Japan is around 127 million, 98.5% is composed of ethnic Japanese.

Fact 8:
Japan is considered the largest country in producing automobiles.

Fact 9:
More than 70% of the total Japanese area consists of mountains, and over 200 volcanoes.

Fact 10:
The official currency in Japan is Yen.

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Short about Japan

Is an island nation located in East Asia.

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