Ten fun facts about Hermann von Helmholtz

Fact 1
Hermann von Helmholtz was born in Germany in the year 1821. He was interested in the study of natural science from the time he was very young.

Fact 2
Helmholtz studied physiology formally but worked in various fields even as a young adult and wrote various papers on wide-ranging scientific topics.

Fact 3
In 1989, Hermann first began working at the Prussian University of Konigsberg and moved to the University of Bonn after six years.

Fact 4
Helmholtz joined the University of Berlin in the year 1871 in the capacity of the Professor of Physics.

Fact 5
He worked initially to develop a link between magnetism, heat, mechanics, electricity and light, trying to put them under the same banner, calling them all exhibitors of force.

Fact 6
Hermann von Helmholtz published the book “On the Conversation of Force” in the year 1847.

Fact 7
He contributed extensively towards fluid dynamics, sensory physiology and nerve physiology, building on work done by his predecessors.

Fact 8
Helmholtz received credit for inventing the ophthalmoscope and this instrument could aid in observing the human eye’s inside.

Fact 9
The physicist published “On the Sensations of Tone” in the year 1863, the gift was a boon to musicologists for years to come.

Fact 10
Helmholtz died in the year 1894. The Helmoltz Association, the principal research institution association in Germany was named in his honor.

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Short about Hermann von Helmholtz
Was a German physicist who is regarded greatly in the scientific circles for his pioneering work in multiple subjects dealing with modern science.

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