Facts on Faraday Lecturers

Neils Bohr

Was a world renowned Danish physicist born in the year 1885.

10 facts about Neils Bohr

Ernest Rutherford

Was a New-Zealand born chemist and physicist.

10 facts about Ernest Rutherford

Dmitri Mendeleev

Is renowned for creating an effective Periodic Law and Periodic Table of Elements that embellishes every chemistry classroom in the world.

10 facts about Dmitri Mendeleev

Hermann von Helmholtz

Was a German physicist who is regarded greatly in the scientific circles for his pioneering work in multiple subjects dealing with modern science.

10 facts about Hermann von Helmholtz

Otto Hahn

A German chemist.

10 facts about Otto Hahn

Svante Arrhenius

A Swedish scientist often referred to as a chemist.

10 facts about Svante Arrhenius

Wilhelm Ostwald

A Baltic German chemist.

10 facts about Wilhelm Ostwald