Ten fun facts about Henry Bessemer

Fact 1
He invented the process for the mass production of steel called the Bessemer process.

Fact 2
The major invention he was recognized for was for steam powered machines used in the manufacturing of gold paint. It used a simple production line.

Fact 3
In 1879 he was made a fellow member of the Royal Society.

Fact 4
Henry is buried in the same cemetery as Sir Henry Tate and Sir Henry Doulton.

Fact 5
Although never patented, he invented a ship that was to stay level during rough waters.

Fact 6
He paid the Mushet family off since he used Robert Mushet's idea for increasing the product quality in 1866.

Fact 7
He wrote "The Manufacture of Iron Without Fuel" to describe the Bessemer process. It was published in The Times.

Fact 8
Many of the bridges were made of cast iron then, so his implementation was used for steel to replace the cast iron.

Fact 9
His father invented the process for making gold chains.

Fact 10
In the town of Rotherham, there is a road named after him. It is called Bessemer Way.

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Short about Henry Bessemer
An English engineer and businessman.

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