Ten fun facts about Glenn Close

Fact 1
Born in Connecticut, Glenn Close was 4th on the 2007 list of ‘Female Celebrities Who Have Become More Attractive with Every Passing Year’ by OK! Magazine.

Fact 2
Glenn with her sister owns a bookstore and a coffee shop in Montana and is a self-proclaimed baseball fan.

Fact 3
She was nominated for the Academy Awards a record 6 times but never won it even once. However, she has won 3 Tony Awards, 2 Golden Globe awards and 3 Emmy Awards.

Fact 4
Glenn was a member ‘Up with People’, a singing group associated with Moral Rearmament but left it when she was 22 after touring with the group for four years.

Fact 5
Glenn was good friends with Meryl Streep when she joined the Phoenix Theatre Company after moving to New York.

Fact 6
“Love for Love” in 1974 marked her debut on the Broadway stage and initially she was more inclined towards theatre and did not plan a future in cinema.

Fact 7
She did a terrific job in her first movie “The World According To Garp” and received an Academy Award nomination for her role.

Fact 8
Even after many years in the spotlight and after having a successful career in the movies she still has a modest attitude and keeps her private life hidden from the public eye.

Fact 9
She has travelled extensively as her parents were members of the group Moral Rearmament and spent some time in distant places such as Congo.

Fact 10
For her work in ‘The Shield’ television show, she received an Emmy nomination in the year 2002.

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Short about Glenn Close
Is an American film, stage and television actress famous for her immense versatility.

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