Short about George Washington

George Washington served as the first President of the United States from 1789 to 1797

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Ten fun facts about George Washington

Fact 1:
George Washington was the only president who did not live in Washington D.C.

Fact 2:
George Washington was the only president who was unanimously elected.

Fact 3:
George Washingtons favorite foods were pineapples and Brazil Nuts.

Fact 4:
George Washingtons father was a Planter and was part owner and director of an iron mine

Fact 5:
When at age 57, George Washington had all his teeth pulled out.

Fact 6:
George Washington was educated by his father and brother.

Fact 7:
George Washington loved horses and was an excellent rider.

Fact 8:
George Washington never wore a powdered wig, as was the custom for men at the time.

Fact 9:
George Washington never shook hands with people.

Fact 10:
George Washington joined the British Royal Navy at age 14.

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