Ten fun facts about Garlics

Fact 1
There is a myth, according to Islamic mythology, that garlic grew in the left footprint of Satan after he left the Garden of Eden. An onion grew in the right.

Fact 2
The juice within the cloves bulbs can be used as an adhesive in fixing glass and porcelain.

Fact 3
Ancient cultures believed that garlic could protect people from evil spirits. They also believed it helped ensure healthy child birth, as it was placed in a room where a birth was taking place.

Fact 4
The sulfur compounds in garlic only become active when the garlic is exposed to oxygen or cut. You can experiment by cutting garlic, smelling it, then cutting it again.

Fact 5
There are pink, white and violet varieties of garlic and while they are members of the lily family, are often called the 'pungent rose'.

Fact 6
It is considered one of the healthiest foods on Earth. It was even called the 'Russian penicillin' and given to the soldiers during World War 2.

Fact 7
If your hands smell like garlic, the smell can be removed by running your hands under cold water while rubbing a stainless steel object.

Fact 8
Garlic has shown to help maintain balanced blood sugar levels, because it helps increase the release of insulin and also lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

Fact 9
Garlic can be hard to identify. One of the most well known garlic, 'elephant garlic', is actually a wild leek.

Fact 10
Many medicinal uses for garlic have been tried, including infections, digestive disorders, a scurvy preventative and in AIDS patients with cryptosporidium.

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Short about Garlics
A species of the onion genus.

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