Ten fun facts about Volkswagen

Fact 1
It’s ironic that Adolf Hitler was responsible for the idea of the Volkswagen, the “people’s car”. The slogan that the company is currently using is “Das Auto” which means “The car”.

Fact 2
The classic Beetle was manufactured from 1938-2003 which is an astounding 65 years. The total number of Beetles that were built in this period of time was 21,529,464.

Fact 3
Most people are under the impression that the Golf FTI was the first hot hatch car while in reality it was the Renault 5 Gordini.

Fact 4
The company is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany, Volkswagen and manufactures the fastest car on earth and is sold under the Bugatti banner.

Fact 5
The company set 7, 24-hour world records for speed at the Nardo Ring.

Fact 6
Not only does the company manufacture big trucks, but it also races them.

Fact 7
The white #53 is the most popular paint scheme for the VW Bug and came from the Herbie movies. The Herbie series depicted the Bug as a race car.

Fact 8
The very first Beetle made an appearance in 1932 but it was only in 1936 that the first noticeable prototypes were built.

Fact 9
Shells of the two last Beetles made in Germany are protected in wax and housed at the VW’s Milton-Keynes parts store.

Fact 10
The Volkswagen Passat, the Volkswagen Beetle and the Volkswagen Golf are the three cars that feature in the list of all time, top-10 best selling cars.

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Short about Volkswagen
Is Germany’s biggest car manufacturer and the second largest automobile-maker in the world.