Ten fun facts about Sharon Stone

1. 17-Year-Old Sharon Stone Signs With Ford Modeling Agency

At the tender age of 17, Sharon Stone won the prestigious "Miss Crawford County" beauty pageant. One of the judges, recognizing her potential, advised her to quit school and move to New York to pursue a career in fashion modeling. Taking the judge's advice, Sharon relocated to New York and within four days of her arrival, she was signed up by the Ford Modeling Agency. This marked the beginning of her successful career in the fashion industry.

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2. Sharon Stone Nude for Playboy

Sharon Stone underwent intense physical training for her role in Total Recall (1990), including taking taekwondo lessons and lifting weights. To promote the film, she posed in the nude for Playboy, proudly displaying the results of her hard work. Her muscular physique was a testament to her dedication to the role, and her willingness to go the extra mile to make the movie a success.

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3. Sharon Stone Honored with Harvard Foundations Humanitarian Award

Sharon Stone is a passionate advocate for AIDS research fundraising, and her commitment to the cause was recognized in 2005 when she was awarded the prestigious Harvard Foundations Humanitarian Award. She has been actively involved in fundraising for AIDS research for many years, and her tireless efforts have helped to raise awareness and much-needed funds for the cause.

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4. Sharon Stone to Represent Italian Jewelry Brand Damiani

In 2008, Sharon Stone was chosen to be the new face of the renowned Italian jewelry company Damiani for their Musts and Masterpieces collection. This collection is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs, and Sharon Stone was the perfect choice to represent the brand. Her timeless beauty and grace made her the perfect ambassador for the collection, and her involvement with the company has helped to further increase its global recognition.

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5. My Kissing Career Is Just Like Eating a Dirt Sandwich

Sharon Stone is known for her no-nonsense attitude and her willingness to speak her mind. This was certainly the case when she compared kissing her former boyfriend, Dwight Yoakam, to eating a dirt sandwich. Her bluntness was a refreshing change from the usual Hollywood platitudes, and it's no wonder that her candor has made her a fan favorite.

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6. Playboy's 24th Sexiest Star

In 1999, Sharon Stone was voted the 24th sexiest star of the century by Playboy magazine. This recognition of her beauty and sex appeal was a testament to her enduring popularity and influence in the entertainment industry. Stone's iconic roles in films such as Basic Instinct and Casino have cemented her place in Hollywood history, and her inclusion in Playboy's list of the 100 Sexiest Stars of the Century is a testament to her lasting impact.

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7. Sharon Stone's Secret Scar

Sharon Stone is a Hollywood icon, but she has a secret that she often tries to hide - a scar on her neck that she received from a childhood horse riding accident. Despite her fame, Sharon has yet to explore the world of cosmetic surgery to help reduce the appearance of the scar, which she often covers with clothing. With the help of modern medical technology, Sharon could potentially reduce the appearance of the scar and feel more confident in her own skin.

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8. Sharon Stone dropped from Christian Dior Chinese ad campaign

Sharon Stone was dropped from a Christian Dior Chinese ad campaign in 2008 after she made a controversial statement about the Sichuan province earthquake. She suggested that the earthquake was a result of bad "karma" due to Beijing's Tibet policy. This statement caused a public outcry and led to her immediate removal from the ad campaign.

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9. Sharon Stone & Sis Give Girls a Special Prom Night

Sharon Stone and her sister Kelly Stone have taken a unique approach to helping underprivileged girls feel special on their prom nights. Through their initiative, "Class of Hope 2007", they have been recycling fashionable outfits that have been worn at events such as the Oscars and distributing them to girls in need. This generous act of kindness has allowed many young women to feel beautiful and confident on their special night.

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10. Sharon Stone Defends Her Reputation After False Accusation

In June 2005, Sharon Stone was falsely accused by London's Daily Mail of having her son, Roan, asleep in a car while she enjoyed a two-hour meal at a fancy restaurant. After the report was published, Stone took legal action and was eventually awarded an apology and undisclosed damages from the Daily Mail in 2006. Stone was adamant that the report was false and that she would not stand for such an accusation. The apology and damages were a testament to her commitment to defending her reputation and that of her son.

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