Ten fun facts about Renée Zellweger

Fact 1
Renee’s mother, Kjellfrid Irene Andreassen is of Norwegian “Sami” origin.

Fact 2
This is a minority that hails from the Lapland in the Scandanavian Peninsula. Renee has inherited several Sami features such as narrow eyes and strong cheekbones.

Fact 3
As a child, Zellweger doted on Andrew, her older brother and was quite a tomboy. She played basketball, football, baseball and soccer while she was in junior high.

Fact 4
She worked in a strip club as a cocktail waitress while she was trying to nab that big acting break.

Fact 5
An unknown actress, Renee beat well-established ones like Cameron Diaz, Parker Posey and Mira Sorvino to her career-making role as Dorothy Boyd in “Jerry Mcguire”. Tom Cruise played the male lead.

Fact 6
Renee is a die-hard DIY fan. As a child of 9, she assisted her family in building their home and even today is ever-ready to wield a paintbrush or a hammer.

Fact 7
She received a Golden Globe Award in 1997 for her role in “Nurse Betty”. She didn’t think she would really win and went to the restroom while her category was being announced. She actually won the award and Barry Diller, a studio executive had to go and fetch her.

Fact 8
Zellweger used Bridget’s accent round the clock to perfect her British accent for her role in “Bridget Jones’ Diary”. She drove her then boyfriend, Jim Carrey, up the wall with it, who would plead her to speak normally.

Fact 9
A thorough professional and a committed actress, she gained 20 lbs for her role in the 2001 film “Bridget Jones’ Diary”.

Fact 10
Renee had a completely non-speaking role in the 1993 film “Dazed and Confused”. She won rave reviews for her excellent performance in the movie.

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