Ten fun facts about Milla Jovovich

Ten fun facts about Milla Jovovich

1. 11-Year-Old Milla Jovovich Becomes Fashion Icon

At the tender age of 11, Milla Jovovich was spotted by renowned photographer Richard Avedon, launching her into the spotlight. She quickly rose to global fame when she was featured in The Revlon company's "Most Unforgettable Women in the World" campaign, cementing her status as a fashion icon. Her youthful beauty and captivating presence made her the perfect choice for the iconic ads, and her career has only continued to soar since then.

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2. From Disney Channel to Hollywood

Milla Jovovich made her debut in the 1988 Disney Channel production of "The Night Train to Kathmandu". This TV movie marked the beginning of her illustrious career, and since then she has gone on to star in numerous films, television shows, and video games. Her most notable roles include the lead in the Resident Evil film series, as well as the sci-fi action movie The Fifth Element.

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3. Milla Jovovich's Career Soars After Resident Evil Games

Milla Jovovich's career skyrocketed after she was cast in the lead role of the Resident Evil games-based series. Her performance as Alice in the franchise was praised by critics and fans alike, and it was this role that propelled her to become one of the most recognizable action-actors in the world. Since then, she has starred in numerous other action films, including The Fifth Element, Ultraviolet, and the three sequels to the Resident Evil series.

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4. A Multi-Talented Artist

Milla Jovovich is a multi-talented artist, having achieved success in both modeling and acting. However, she has also made a name for herself in the music industry, releasing several critically-acclaimed musical recordings. She has performed live with her band, “Plastic Has Memory”, and has been featured in the album 'Hollywood Goes Wild'. Her musical talent has been widely praised, making her a true triple threat in the entertainment industry.

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5. Singer, Songwriter, and Actress

Milla Jovovich has been making music since 1994, when she released her debut album, "The Divine Comedy". Since then, she has continued to make music, contributing to various soundtracks and releasing demos on her official website. Her music has been described as a mix of alternative rock, electronica, and folk, and has been praised for its unique sound. She has also collaborated with a number of other artists, including Moby, The Prodigy, and The Cure.

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6. Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

Milla Jovovich is an entrepreneur and fashion designer who created her own clothing line, Jojovich-Hawk, from 2003 to 2008. During this time, she designed and sold a range of stylish and fashionable clothing, including dresses, tops, and accessories. Her designs were popular with celebrities and fashionistas alike, and she was praised for her unique and creative approach to fashion.

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7. Accent-Free, Acting-Filled

Milla Jovovich is a multi-talented actress, model, and musician who is known for her unaccented, flawless English. Despite this, her surname often leads directors to expect her to speak with an exaggerated accent, as seen in her iconic role in the movie 'Zoolander' where she famously said "Stay the hell away from Derek Zoolander".

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8. Milla Jovovich is a true martial arts queen

Milla Jovovich is a true martial arts queen, having trained in a variety of disciplines including Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Taekwondo, Thigh-Boxing and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. She has dedicated countless hours to perfecting her skills in each of these disciplines, and her hard work has paid off, as she is now a master of all five. Her mastery of these martial arts has made her a formidable opponent in any fight, and her skill and grace in each of these disciplines is truly remarkable.

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9. Milla Jovovich is L'Oreal's Official Face

Milla Jovovich is renowned for her stunning beauty, which is why it's no surprise that she has been the official face of the iconic cosmetics brand L'Oreal for several years. Her flawless complexion and radiant skin have made her the perfect ambassador for the company, and her partnership with L'Oreal has been a long and successful one.

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10. Daring Actress with a Stunt-Driven Career

Milla Jovovich is renowned for her daring roles in nudity-driven, violent sci-fi films. She is not afraid to take risks and often performs her own stunts, sometimes resulting in injuries to other cast members. Despite the danger, she continues to push the boundaries of her craft, making her one of the most sought-after actresses in the genre.

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