Ten fun facts about Louis Gossett Jr.

Fact 1
Louis Cameron Gossett, Jr. was born on May 27, 1936 in Brooklyn, New York.

Fact 2
He is popularly known for his Academy Award winning role as Emil Foley in the movie An Officer and a Gentleman, and his Emmy Award winning role as Fiddler in the TV show Roots.

Fact 3
Louis Gossett also envisioned and co wrote the song "Handsome Johnny" with Richie Havens.

Fact 4
In 1990, he was named as the "King of Brooklyn" at the Welcome Back to Brooklyn Festival.

Fact 5
Louis Gossett was the first man ever to be shown giving birth in a movie, as Jeriba "Jerry" Shigan in the film Enemy Mine in 1985.

Fact 6
He was considered to play the role of Lieutenant Traxler in the movie The Terminator.

Fact 7
Louis Gossett was initially cast to play Gale Sayers in the TV movie Brian's Song. Just a few days prior to the beginning of shooting, Gossett tore his Achilles' tendon while working out for the film.

Fact 8
His foundation, Eracism, is dedicated to eliminating racism.

Fact 9
Louis Gossett has a star on the Hollywood Walk in California of Fame at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood.

Fact 10
Rich Little offered him to be his opening act in the early 1990s in Las Vegas, Gossett refused and feels that was one of his biggest mistakes.

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