Ten fun facts about Yukigassen

Fact 1
Today there are annual tournaments in in Japan, Finland, Norway, Australia, Sweden, United States, and in Canada.

Fact 2
The word Yukigassen consists of the Japanese words yuki (snow) and kassen (battle). Hence Yukigassen means snow battle.

Fact 3
Yukigassen is a game between two teams with seven players each.

Fact 4
The game is played on a court with certain measurements, and the winner is determined through rules made by the Japan Yukigassen Federation.

Fact 5
It is similar to capture the flag; players are eliminated when hit with snowballs.

Fact 6
Players wear special yukigassen helmets with face shields, and a set number of snowballs (90) are made in advance.

Fact 7
It has become the perfect sport for co-workers and businesses to put teams together – embracing the community spirit while raising camaraderie in the workplace.

Fact 8
It's ideal for friends, classmates and teammates from other sports to get together to compete and enjoy the winter.

Fact 9
Think dodgeball, paintball, capture the flag and rugby combined with advanced snowball technology.

Fact 10
All snowballs are made to specific standards in the machines provided so the game is fair and safe.

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Short about Yukigassen
is a snowball fighting-competition from Japan

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