Ten fun facts about William Bayliss

Fact 1
William Bayliss was born in 1980 in England and is an alumni of the prestigious London University, having studied science there.

Fact 2
He continued his education at the Wadham College in Oxford where he began his work in the field of physiology.

Fact 3
William Bayliss worked extensively in the fields of physical chemistry and biochemistry in addition to his primary interest in physiology.

Fact 4
His biggest collaborator was Ernest Starling and their association began at University College, London itself.

Fact 5
William Bayliss worked towards creating an enhanced instrument to measure blood pressure while working as the General Physiology Professor at University College, London.

Fact 6
Sir William displayed the working of hormones after having determined the actions of secretic when contacted with the pancreas.

Fact 7
He and Earnest Starling first coined “Hormone” as a word and it was used to give meaning to some precise chemicals.

Fact 8
He did some study of wound shock during the First World War and helped save many soldiers by giving the right medical recommendations.

Fact 9
William Bayliss published in 1915 “The Principles of General Physiology” and this was widely regarded as a groundbreaking text.

Fact 10
Sir William became a knight in 1922 and he died in the year 1924 in London.

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Short about William Bayliss
Was a British physiologist who is credited with having made major scientific advances in the understanding of bodily processes.

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