Ten fun facts about Tilda Swinton

Fact 1
Tilda was born Katherine Mathilda Swinton on 5 November 1960 in London.

Fact 2
She went to the West Heath Girls' School with Princess Diana and was also her classmate at Fettes College.

Fact 3
She does not always portray women in her acting roles and has played Mozart in a play, an Elizabethan nobleman in Orlando and a genderless angel in Constantine.

Fact 4
She volunteered for two years in South Africa and Kenya in children's schools, before she went to study at Cambridge.

Fact 5
Tilda Swinton received high praise and artistic acclaim for her art installation and performance piece "The Maybe", in which she lay sleeping in a case made of glass and was on public display for a week.

Fact 6
She can trace her parental ancestry back 35 generations to the 9th century.

Fact 7
Tilda funded and ran a successful Film Festival called The Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams, on her own in her Scottish home-town.

Fact 8
She was given a 90 minute accolade at the 2008 AFI.

Fact 9
She sang the vocals on 4 songs of the album 'The Bachelor' by Patrick Wolf.

Fact 10
Tilda Swinton and Marion Cotillard are the only two actors to ever get a Golden Globe, BAFTA, SAG and Critics' Choice nomination for any one particular role but not an Oscar nomination for the same role.

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Short about Tilda Swinton
Is an award winning British actress and model.

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