Facts on Actresses from London

Emma Thompson

Is an English movie actress known for her rich body of work in drama and comedy, both onstage and in movies.

10 facts about Emma Thompson

Elizabeth Taylor

Was a world-renowned British-American actress who made the headlines everywhere she went

10 facts about Elizabeth Taylor

Helena Bonham Carter

Is an English actress born in 1966.

10 facts about Helena Bonham Carter

Keira Knightley

Is an English actress and a model

10 facts about Keira Knightley

Rachel Weisz

Is a film and theatre actress and former fashion model from England who was born on 7 March 1970.

10 facts about Rachel Weisz

Emily Mortimer

is an English actress.

10 facts about Emily Mortimer

Tilda Swinton

Is an award winning British actress and model.

10 facts about Tilda Swinton

Gillian Anderson

Is a London-based American actress.

10 facts about Gillian Anderson

Carey Mulligan

Is a well known English actress.

10 facts about Carey Mulligan

Jessica Tandy

Was a well known British stage and movie actress.

10 facts about Jessica Tandy

Juno Temple

Is an actress who is most well known for her role in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

10 facts about Juno Temple