Ten fun facts about Thomas Newcomen

Fact 1
In the Baptist church, he was a preacher and teaching elder until 1710 when he became a pastor.

Fact 2
The Newcomen Society had one of the engines to be displayed as working, using hydraulics instead of a steam boiler, in 1964.

Fact 3
By 1733 there were at least 125 Newcomen engines and were installed in mining districts.

Fact 4
He became interested in trying to improve the mining districts, since in those days flooding of mines was a major issue.

Fact 5
His first working engine was installed at Dudley Castle in Staffordshire in a coalmine in 1712.

Fact 6
Before he began working on a steam pump, he was an ironmonger at Dartmouth.

Fact 7
Though it is unknown, it is suggested that he may have worked as a blacksmith when he was younger.

Fact 8
His invention did save mines from bankruptcy and problems, but was superseded by James Watt's version of the steam engine.

Fact 9
Thomas Savery took out a patent on the engine, so it is unknown if Newcomen ever received financial benefits from the invention.

Fact 10
Since the house he lived in stood until recently, it is said he came from a family of better class, with indications of respectable standing.

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Short about Thomas Newcomen
An English inventor who created the first steam engine for pumping water.

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