Ten fun facts about Svante Arrhenius

Fact 1
At the age of three he taught himself to read and from watching his father's math, became an arithmetical prodigy.

Fact 2
In 1876 he graduated as the most able student in fifth grade, because he became a master in physics and math.

Fact 3
He was one of the people who lead in the creation of The State Institute for Racial Biology in 1922.

Fact 4
He became a lecturer at Stockholm University College in 1891, a professor of physics in 1895 and a rector in 1896.

Fact 5
Although they divorced, he married a former pupil in 1894 whom he had a son with. He remarried in 1905.

Fact 6
Not only was he was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences but he also helped set up the Nobel Institute and the Nobel Prizes.

Fact 7
He received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1903 and made sure to present the Nobel Prize to his friends and not his enemies.

Fact 8
One of his theories was that life forms were carried from planet to planet by the transportation of spores.

Fact 9
He was the first scientist to try and figure out how carbon dioxide affected the Earth's temperature in 1896.

Fact 10
He formulated the greenhouse law, after his research using the greenhouse effect, and it is still used today.

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Short about Svante Arrhenius
A Swedish scientist often referred to as a chemist.

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