Ten fun facts about Sandra Bullock

Fact 1
Sandra Bullock was born in 1964, in a Virginia suburb of Washington, DC and travelled a lot with her parents and younger sister.

Fact 2
Sandra is known for her generosity, She has donated $1 million twice to the American Red Cross for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the tsunami disaster in Asia. She also donated $1 million to Doctors Without Borders for the Haiti earthquake.

Fact 3
She is the only actress to have a film “The Blind Side” that was based exclusively on her star power that passed the $200 million mark in domestic gross rating.

Fact 4
Sandra Bullock is the only actress to have won the Oscar for Best Actress and the Razzie for Worst Actress awards in the same year for the movies “The Blind Side” and “All About Steve”.

Fact 5
She has created special seat belts for her two pet dogs, Ruby and Poppy, so that they can safely ride in the car with her.

Fact 6
Sandra has been playing the piano since she was eight years old.

Fact 7
She studied ballet when she was a child.

Fact 8
She loves horses but is very allergic to them.

Fact 9
Sandra Bullock made her first stage appearance in an opera when she played a dirty gypsy in "The Gypsy Baron" at age 5.

Fact 10
In 2007, Sandra Bullock was declared as the 14th richest women in the entertainment industry. At that time her fortune was estimated to be about US$85 million.

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Is a well known American actress and producer

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