Ten fun facts about Robert Goddard

Fact 1
After successfully launching the firs liquid-fueled rocket in 1926, Goddard launched 34 rockets.

Fact 2
He has been named after The Goddard Space Center, a facility for NASA.

Fact 3
In 1945 he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Fact 4
Daniel Guggenheim funded Goddard's research around the 1930's. He gave him over $100,000, equivalent today to $1.7 million.

Fact 5
He had a younger brother but he died before he turned 1 year old.

Fact 6
October 19 was celebrated by Goddard, since that was the day he became interested in the sky and flight in 1899.

Fact 7
Because he was often sick as a boy, he was held back behind his classmates and wasn't a sophomore in high school until he was 19.

Fact 8
Although he was held back, he successfully graduated in 1904 and was valedictorian.

Fact 9
In 1913, he became seriously ill with TB. Not expected to live, he persistently focused on his rocket dreams and continued to work.

Fact 10
The funding for his rocket was limited but the Smithsonian granted him a 5 year grant. It gave him about $5,000.

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Short about Robert Goddard
An American professor, physicist and inventor.

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