Ten fun facts about Luke Bryan

Fact 1
Bryan is a Georgia native, and the son of a peanut farmer.

Fact 2
Bryan’s career in music began around 2005, when he initially started out by writing songs for Billy Currington and Travis Tritt.

Fact 3
Many country music listeners consider Bryan to be the “next Tim McGraw.”

Fact 4
Bryan’s full name is Thomas Luther Bryan. He prefers to be called Luke.

Fact 5
Luke’s older brother was killed in a car accident on the same day the singer was going to move to Nashville to try to make it in the country music world. After the death of his brother, he decided to stay at home with his family and attended Georgia Southern University.

Fact 6
Bryan discovered music at the age of 14, after his parents bought him a guitar.

Fact 7
The singer graduated from Georgia Southern University.

Fact 8
Luke Bryan was the only country singer that made Billboard's new faces to watch in 2007.

Fact 9
If Bryan could have one superpower it would be x-ray vision.

Fact 10
He loves to go fishing.

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Short about Luke Bryan
is an American pop country singer.

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