Ten fun facts about Kevin Spacey

Fact 1
In 1978 Kevin Spacey auditioned to be a contestant on “The Gong Show”. He was rejected by producers.

Fact 2
During his childhood Kevin Spacey burned his sister’s tree house to the ground. After this incident his parents made a decision to send him to military school.

Fact 3
His time in military school was cut short when Kevin Spacey was expelled. The punishment came after he threw a tire at a fellow classmate.

Fact 4
Kevin Spacey was the first actor to have won an Academy Award to appear on the iconic television show “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”.

Fact 5
He also won the Academy award for his roles in the movies The Usual Suspects and American Beauty.

Fact 6
He has gone on record to say he has numerous idols that he believes helped shape him into the actor he is today. Some of the idols he named include Henry Fonda, Al Pacino, and Jack Lemmon.

Fact 7
During his career, Kevin Spacey has shaved his head twice to play the roles of villains. He first went bald in the movie “Se7en” and later in “Superman Returns”.

Fact 8
Kevin Spacey was originally considered to play the role of Inspector Clouseau in 2006’s “The Pink Panther”. The role eventually went to Steve Martin.

Fact 9
Kevin Spacey is an avid Professional Wrestling fan.

Fact 10
In Kevin Spacey’s acceptance speech for his Best Actor Oscar for “American Beauty” he dedicated the award to Jack Lemmon. He said that he based the character off of Lemmon’s role in “The Apartment”.

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Short about Kevin Spacey
Is one of the most enigmatic actors in the history of cinema.

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