Ten fun facts about Kevin Bacon

Fact 1
Kevin Bacon has portrayed a wide range of characters including that of a prosecuting attorney in the hit movie, ‘A Few Good Men’ and a gay prostitute in JFK, which was produced by Oliver Stone.

Fact 2
He was nominated for the Golden Globe award for his role in the 1994 movie, “The River Wild”, which also starred Meryl Streep.

Fact 3
In 1995 Empire Magazine rated this actor as one of the “100 Sexiest Stars” in Hollywood.

Fact 4
When he is not acting, Kevin Bacon performs in a band along with his brother. Their band is called “The Bacon Brothers”.

Fact 5
Kevin Bacon has played a character in two films with the nickname “Smiling Jack”. The films are “Quicksilver” and “A Few Good Men”.

Fact 6
In 2003 he received a star on the coveted “Hollywood Walk of Fame”.

Fact 7
Kevin Bacon lost the majority of his savings during the Bernard Madoff scandal.

Fact 8
Over the course of his career he has never actually lived in California.

Fact 9
The actor made his acting debut in the cult-classic “Animal House” in 1978.

Fact 10
Kevin Bacon has appeared in numerous ensemble pieces on film that a game was created based on his name called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”. The game is based on the belief that you can connect any actor by naming 6 or less actors until you reach someone with a connection to him.

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Short about Kevin Bacon
Is an American born film and theater actor and musician.