Ten fun facts about Joseph Priestley

Fact 1
He has had two colleges named after him - Priestly College and Joseph Priestley College.

Fact 2
He was called the father of modern chemistry. He was also apart of every scientific society in the Western world.

Fact 3
When he was about 16 years old he got severely ill. The illness left him with a permanent stutter.

Fact 4
One of 6 children, he was sent to live with his grandfather until his mother died. He then moved in with his aunt.

Fact 5
"Lectures on History", one of his pieces, was used in schools such as Brown, Yale and Princeton.

Fact 6
Priestley was an advocate for promoting education of middle-class women.

Fact 7
When he moved to Leeds, he did not see his extended family much. They had considered him a 'heretic'.

Fact 8
He wrote and published "The History and Present State of Discoveries Relating to Vision, Light and Colours" in 1772 but the edition did not sell well, causing him to move away from experimental philosophy.

Fact 9
One of Priestley's arguments was that humans had no free will and that the world and the people would eventually be perfected.

Fact 10
He became close friends with Thomas Jefferson and dedicated his piece "General History of the Christian Church" to him.

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Short about Joseph Priestley
An English theologian, educator, clergyman and more.

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