Ten fun facts about Hermann Rorschach

Fact 1
His nickname in school was "Klecks", as he enjoyed klecksography, or the making of inkblot pictures.

Fact 2
The deciding factor of his career was based on the answer from Ernst Haeckel, a scientist. He couldn't decide between art and science. Haeckel said science.

Fact 3
When he was just a medical student, he started showing inkblots to children to see their response.

Fact 4
He was the Associate Director of the Herisau Hospital when he died.

Fact 5
He wrote a book titled "Psychodiagnostik" in 1921. It explained the inkblot test.

Fact 6
A book was published by Justinus Kerner, which was inspired by inkblots.

Fact 7
Rorscach studied under Eugen Bleuler, who himself had studied under Carl Jung.

Fact 8
His inkblot test shows 10 inkblots and people's responses are recorded as to what they see in each of them. The test is controversial today.

Fact 9
He married Olga Stempelin in 1913 and had two children.

Fact 10
His death was caused by a ruptured appendix in 1922.

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Short about Hermann Rorschach
A Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

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