Ten fun facts about Heike Kamerlingh Onnes

Fact 1
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes was born on September 21, 1853 at Groningen, Netherlands.

Fact 2
He pioneered refrigeration techniques and discovered superconductivity, the total lack of electrical resistance in certain materials when cooled to a temperature near absolute zero.

Fact 3
Kamerlingh Onnes entered the University of Groningen and obtained his ‘candidaats’ degree the following year. He obtained the doctor’s degree in 1879.

Fact 4
From 1882 to 1923 he worked as a professor of experimental physics at the University of Leyden. Kammerlingh Onnes founded a large cryogenics laboratory which was named after him.

Fact 5
He was the first to liquefy helium on July 10, 1908.

Fact 6
Kammerlingh Onnes became an assistant to Johannes Bosscha at the Polytechnicum at Delft and became a Professor of Experimental Physics and meteorology at Leyden University.

Fact 7
He became acquainted with problems related to the molecular theory of matter from 1881 to 1882. He became a professor in 1882 at the age of twenty-nine and held this position for forty-two years.

Fact 8
The results of his investigations were published in the Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Amsterdam and in the Communications from the Physical Laboratory at Leyden.

Fact 9
He received the Nobel Prize in Physics for producing liquid helium in 1913.

Fact 10
He died at Leyden on Feb 21, 1936.

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Short about Heike Kamerlingh Onnes
Was a Dutch scientist and Nobel laureate who was renowned for development of liquid helium.

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