Ten fun facts about Virginia Madsen

Fact 1
Her first Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination came from her role in the 2004 film “Sideways”.

Fact 2
Virginia’s comes from an acting family- Michael Madsen her brother is an actor and Elaine Madsen, her mother is an Emmy-winning producer and writer.

Fact 3
Madsen debuted in “Class”, a teen-sex comedy by Andrew McCarthy, at the age of 19. The role was not a well-appreciated one.

Fact 4
American audiences started noticing her after her 1984 role as Princess Irulan in “Dune” the science fiction epic.

Fact 5
Virginia gained popularity after her 1986 film “Fire with Fire”. She portrayed a schoolgirl who falls in love with a prison camp inmate.

Fact 6
During the shooting of the 1992 horror film “Candyman”, she had to be hypnotized in certain scenes to ensure that her pupils remained dilated. After the first few instances, she told her director that she will not go through with the hypnotism sessions.

Fact 7
Madsen formed “Title IX”, her production company in 2008. The first project under her own banner was a film named “I Know a Woman Like That”. Her mother was part of the project as well.

Fact 8
In the 2009 animated film “Wonder Woman”, she was the voice of Queen Hippolyte, Wonder Woman’s mother.

Fact 9
She has heterochromia. This genetic trait results in different eye pigmentation. Virginia has one half-brown, half-green eye while the other is entirely green.

Fact 10
Madsen is a very frank person. She never hid the fact that she uses Juvederm and Botox. She has teamed-up with Juvederm to educate women about its use. Her objective is that women make wise and informed beauty choices.

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Short about Virginia Madsen
Is an American actress and a producer of documentary films.

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