Facts on American people who self-identify as being of Native American descent

Tommy Lee Jones

Is a professional character actor who has appeared in numerous Hollywood hits during his memorable career.

10 facts about Tommy Lee Jones

Johnny Depp

Is a popular American actor most well known for playing quirky roles such as ‘Edward Scissorhands” and “Captain Jack Sparrow”.

10 facts about Johnny Depp

Michael Madsen

Is considered to be one of the most talented yet controversial actors in Hollywood.

10 facts about Michael Madsen

Philip Michael Thomas

Is an American actor who shot to fame after acting in the TV series Miami Vice.

10 facts about Philip Michael Thomas

Angelina Jolie

Is an American actress, screenwriter and film director.

10 facts about Angelina Jolie

Virginia Madsen

Is an American actress and a producer of documentary films.

10 facts about Virginia Madsen


Is a singer and actress from America, born on 20 May 1946.

10 facts about Cher

Ellen Burstyn

Is an award winning American actress.

10 facts about Ellen Burstyn