Short about Spain

Is a member state of the European Union located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula.

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Ten fun facts about Spain

Fact 1:
The capital city of Spain is Madrid.

Fact 2:
Spain is one of the top three most visited countries in the world.

Fact 3:
The dialling code for Spain is (00) 34.

Fact 4:
Tipping is not so popular in Spain, you can leave a few coins and they are happy.

Fact 5:
In Spain The King of Spain nominates a candidate for presidency.

Fact 6:
Spain is Europe's fourth largest country.

Fact 7:
Over 98% of the Spanish population are Roman Catholic.

Fact 8:
Taxi's in Spain are easily identified by the green light on the roof.

Fact 9:
Bull fighting is a traditional event in Spain.

Fact 10:
Spain has borders with Andorra, France, Portugal and Morocco.

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