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Ten fun facts about Sex

Fact 1:
One of the four men have tried to practice oral sex on himself.

Fact 2:
Semen contains zinc and calcium, substances that have proved useful against tooth decay.

Fact 3:
A man who kisses his wife every morning, live on average five years longer than men who do not.

Fact 4:
The left scrotum ball usually hangs lower down than the right on right-handed men. The same goes for left-handed, but with the right ball.

Fact 5:
One of the most common female sex fantasies is sex with a girl.

Fact 6:
Austrians have most oral sex in the world.

Fact 7:
An intense kiss produces a substance that is 200 times stronger than morphine in terms of the soporific effects.

Fact 8:
Circumcised men are taking longer time to achieve orgasm than the non-circumcised.

Fact 9:
An average intercourse is 15 minutes long and 10-12 minutes of them is foreplay.

Fact 10:
John Harvey Kellogg invented corn flakes as a vegetarian breakfast options to reduce the sex drive of the population.

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