Ten fun facts about Napoleon Bonaparte

Fact 1
He was a Roman Catholic but did not believe in the existence of a living God.

Fact 2
He was also a writer; he wrote a romantic novella titled “Clisson et Eugenie”.

Fact 3
Before Napoleon met his first wife, she had been known as “Rose”. He doesn’t like it and called her “Josephine”.

Fact 4
He is best known for his role in the wars led against France by a series of coalitions, the so-called Napoleonic Wars, which involved every major European power. He established hegemony over most of continental Europe and sought to spread the ideals of the French Revolution, while consolidating an imperial monarchy which restored aspects of the deposed Ancien Régime.

Fact 5
Napoleon was actually of average height. He was 5 feet and seven inches.

Fact 6
Napoleon is often compared to two other leaders in history, Alexander The Great and Adolf Hitler.

Fact 7
Napoleon’s campaigns are studied at military academies throughout much of the world.

Fact 8
His legal reform, the Napoleonic Code, has been a major influence on many civil law jurisdictions worldwide.

Fact 9
An autopsy concluded he died of stomach cancer, but there has been some debate about the cause of his death, as some scholars have speculated that he was a victim of arsenic poisoning.

Fact 10
Napoleon has become a worldwide cultural icon who symbolizes military genius and political power.

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Short about Napoleon Bonaparte
was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the latter stages of the French Revolution and its associated wars in Europe.

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