Ten fun facts about Agricola

Fact 1
Gnaeus Julius Agricola was born on 13 July 40 AD in southern France, then part of the Roman Empire, into a high-ranking family.

Fact 2
As governor of Britain, he conquered large areas of northern England, Scotland and Wales.

Fact 3
His life is well known to us today because his son-in-law, the historian Tacitus, wrote a detailed biography of him which survives.

Fact 4
He began his career as a military tribune in Britain and may have participated in the crushing of Boudicca's uprising in 61 AD.

Fact 5
During the civil war of 69 AD, Agricola supported Vespasian in his successful attempt to become emperor.

Fact 6
Agricola was appointed to command a Roman legion in Britain.

Fact 7
He then served as governor of Aquitania (south-east France) for three years, and after a period in Rome, in 78 AD he was made governor of Britain.

Fact 8
He was recalled from Britain in 85 after an unusually lengthy service, and thereafter retired from military and public life.

Fact 9
Tacitus claims recall was ordered because Agricola's successes outshone the Emperor's own modest victories in Germany.

Fact 10
Rumors circulated attributing the death to a poison administered by the Emperor Domitian, but no positive evidence for this was ever produced.

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Short about Agricola
was a Gallo-Roman general responsible for much of the Roman conquest of Britain.