Ten fun facts about Louis Agassiz

Fact 1
He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in 1829 and one year later, earned his Doctor of Medicine.

Fact 2
Though the school is now gone, he was given an island and $50,000 to open a school that studied zoology in 1873.

Fact 3
He was known as a strict teacher, sometimes locking students in a room with no direction and expecting them to learn about, for example, turtle shells or lobster shells.

Fact 4
His burial has a momnument that was built from a glacier and pine trees sent from his previous Switzerland home.

Fact 5
He and William Buckland made the discovery of glacial action in 1840, finding that glaciers once covered all the countries.

Fact 6
His work landed him as the professor of zoology and geology at Harvard University.

Fact 7
He was also founder of the Museum of Comparative Zoology and his work helped establish the Lawrence Scientific School at Harvard.

Fact 8
Becoming one of the most popular scientists in the world, "The fiftieth birthday of Agassiz" was written about him by Henry Longfellow.

Fact 9
He has many nature oriented formations named after him, including Lake Agassiz by the Great Lakes in North America and Agassiz Creek in Glacier National Park.

Fact 10
He also believed evolution was an insult to God and that things of nature were not the results of blind chance.

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Short about Louis Agassiz
An American physician and innovator in studying the Earth's history.

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