Ten fun facts about Juliette Lewis

Fact 1
Juliette Lewis was born on June 21, 1973 in California.

Fact 2
Juliette become a recognized name after her role in the thriller movie Cape Fear for which she was nominated for an Academy Award as well as a Golden Globe.

Fact 3
At the age of 12, Lewis got her first role in the miniseries “Home Fires”. After acting in several TV shows including "The Wonder Years" she started acting in movies like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation in 1989 and in the drama Crooked Hearts.

Fact 4
Juliette Lewis played a suicidal mental patient in the music video for the song "Come to My Window" by Melissa Etheridge. Her unpredictable behavior scared the director so much that he yelled "Cut!" many unnecessary times because he thought that she was actually having a mental or emotional breakdown.

Fact 5
She started a career as a solo singer and musician in the American rock band Juliette and the Licks till 2009.

Fact 6
Juliette follows the Church of Scientology.

Fact 7
Until she was 21she drove without a driver's license and had been driving illegally since the age of 15.

Fact 8
Her father almost gave her the name Snow Lake.

Fact 9
She turned down the role of Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries that later was played by Anne Hathaway.

Fact 10
Juliette Lewis left high school after just 3 weeks of starting the scholastic year.

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Short about Juliette Lewis
Is a well known American actress and singer.

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