Ten fun facts about Macklemore

Ten fun facts about Macklemore

1. Indie Music Success Story

Since 2000, Macklemore has been making waves in the music industry. He has released one mixtape, three EPs, and two albums, all independently, and has collaborated extensively with producer Ryan Lewis. Together, they have created some of the most popular and critically acclaimed music of the past decade, with hits like "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us" becoming staples of the modern music landscape.

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2. 14-Year-Old Macklemore Writes Lyrics That Resonate With Millions

At the tender age of 14, Macklemore began to explore his creative side by writing lyrics. His early work was a reflection of his teenage years, as he wrote about the struggles and joys of growing up. His lyrics were a way for him to express himself and to make sense of the world around him. As he grew older, his lyrics evolved to reflect his changing perspectives and experiences. Today, Macklemore is a successful artist whose music has resonated with millions of people around the world.

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3. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: The Unconventional Success Story

In 2013, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' single "Thrift Shop" skyrocketed to the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, selling an impressive 2.2 million copies and becoming one of the most successful singles of the year. The song's success was unprecedented, and it quickly became a fan favorite, with its catchy beat and humorous lyrics.

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4. Macklemore's "Otherside" tackles substance abuse

Macklemore drew on his own struggles with substance abuse to create the critically acclaimed song "Otherside" for his mixtape. The track samples the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song of the same name, and is a powerful testament to Macklemore's personal journey. The song has resonated with listeners, earning praise from critics and fans alike for its honest and heartfelt lyrics.

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5. Macklemore Proposes to Girlfriend Tricia Davis

On January 21, 2013, Macklemore took a huge step in his relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Tricia Davis, by getting down on one knee and proposing. After seven years of dating, the couple decided to take the next step and commit to each other for life. The couple have been together ever since and are now happily engaged.

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6. Macklemore and Lewis Make History with First Duo Number 1s

Macklemore and Lewis made history when their second single, "Can't Hold Us," topped the Hot 100 Chart, becoming the first duo in the chart's history to have their first two singles both reach number 1. This remarkable feat is a testament to the duo's immense talent and popularity, and is a milestone that will be remembered for years to come.

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7. Macklemore's "Same Love" Hits #1 on Billboard Hot 100

Macklemore is a strong advocate for LGBT rights, particularly same-sex marriage, and has made this clear in his hit single "Same Love". The song not only expresses his support for the LGBT community, but also takes a stand against homophobia in hip hop, society, and mass media. With its powerful lyrics and anthemic chorus, "Same Love" has become an anthem for the LGBT community and a rallying cry for equality.

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8. Music Success without Major Label

When Macklemore's song "Thrift Shop" hit number 1 on the Hot 100 chart in 2013, it marked a major milestone in the music industry - it was the first time since 1994 that a song had achieved such success without the backing of a major record label. This was a huge accomplishment for Macklemore, who had been independently producing and releasing music since 2000, and it showed that success in the music industry was still possible without the support of a major label.

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9. Macklemore and Lewis: The Heist

On October 9, 2012, Macklemore and Lewis released their debut studio album, The Heist, to critical acclaim. The album charted at number 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart, making it one of the most successful hip-hop albums of the year. The Heist featured the hit singles "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us," which both reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album was certified platinum in the US and has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide.

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10. Supported by Parents' Musical Dreams

Macklemore wasn't born into a family of musicians, but his parents were incredibly supportive of his musical aspirations. They encouraged him to pursue his dreams and provided him with the resources he needed to make it happen. From buying him his first guitar to attending his early shows, they were always there to cheer him on and help him succeed. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in Macklemore's success, and he is forever grateful for their love and guidance.

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