Ten fun facts about Hugo Weaving

Fact 1
He was born in Nigeria but his parents moved a year after his birth. He lived in South Africa and England prior to settling in Australia.

Fact 2
Hugo Weaving attended the same High School as many other popular Australian actors, including Hugh Jackman, John Laws, and Reg Livermore.

Fact 3
While training for the film “The Matrix” he sustained an injury to his hip. The scheduling of the film was altered so that he had time to recover from the injury. This event did not upset the films production as actor Keanu Reeves also had an injury opposite of Weaving. This allowed for the schedule to easily be manipulated.

Fact 4
Hugo Weaving has never had a driver’s license. He elected not to acquire one as he has experienced epileptic seizures since his teenage years.

Fact 5
He is a pesco Vegetarian. This means he abstains from eating all kinds of meat, although he does eat fish.

Fact 6
Even though he is nine years older than actress Cate Blanchett, he played her younger son-in-law in the popular “Lord of the Rings” films.

Fact 7
He is known for commonly playing villains and anti-heroes in film.

Fact 8
The majority of films that Hugo Weaving has appeared in are either Science Fiction films or Fantasy Films.

Fact 9
Weaving has provided the voice-overs for several animated movies including Megatron and Happy Feet. He was also the voice of Rex in the movie “Babe”.

Fact 10
The actor has won numerous Australian Film Institute Awards.

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Short about Hugo Weaving
Is an Australian-English film and stage actor, best known for his roles as Elrond in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and Agent smith in The Matrix Trilogy.

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