Ten fun facts about Clementines

Fact 1
Clementines are said to offer stress relief. The smell triggers a substance in your body to help refresh your mind and relieve stress.

Fact 2
If they are cross-pollinated with other fruit, they may lose their seedless quality. Growers threatened to sue beekeepers in 2006 so they would keep their bees away from their clementines.

Fact 3
They are known as 'seedless tangerines'. They are sweet and juicy, like oranges, but have less acid than a regular orange.

Fact 4
The history of clementines is debated, as some say they came from China like the Mandarin orange, while others say it was accidental hybridization by Pierre Clement.

Fact 5
Clementines are usually only available during the Christmas season, nicknaming them the "Christmas orange". Their harvest time is from November to January.

Fact 6
Their popularity grew when the orange harvests in Florida were damaged by the weather in 1997.

Fact 7
While clementines are similar to mandarins, they have less calories and much more Vitamin C.

Fact 8
The first clementines were grown in the United States at the Citrus Research Center in 1909 and were finally commercially grown in California in 1914.

Fact 9
Clementines can keep furniture predators away - if your cats are chewing the house plants, leave some clementine peels by the leaves!

Fact 10
The oranges usually come with 8 to 14 slices and their skins usually just slide right off.

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Short about Clementines
A hybrid between a mandarin and a sweet orange.

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