Ten fun facts about Al-Battani

Fact 1
He elaborated to a specified degree a number of trigonometric relations which were transmitted from India and Greco-Rome.

Fact 2
One of Al-Battani's best-known achievements in astronomy was the refinement of existing values for the length of the year.

Fact 3
He was able to correct some of Ptolemy's results and compiled new tables of the Sun and Moon, long accepted as authoritative.

Fact 4
Al-Battani’s work is considered instrumental in the elaboration to a specified degree of science and astronomy.

Fact 5
Copernicus also quoted him in the book that initiated the Copernican Revolution, the De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium.

Fact 6
Kepler and Galileo showed interest in some of his observations.

Fact 7
In mathematics, al-Battani produced a number of trigonometrical relationships:

Fact 8
Al - Battani did not invent the armillary sphere, but his sphere was more precise than earlier versions.

Fact 9
Much of his time was spent in making astronomical observations and in compiling the data that underlay his major work, known as the Kitab al - Zij (The Book of Astronomy) or simply as the Zij.

Fact 10
Al - Battani made use of such concepts as the sine, cosine, tangent, and cotangent, an improvement over the methods used by the greatest of the Greek astronomers, Ptolemy.

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Short about Al-Battani
was an Arab astronomer, astrologer, and mathematician

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