Ten fun facts about Woody Harrelson

Fact 1
Woody Harrelson considers himself to be a naturalist. As a result he later became vegan.

Fact 2
In 1983 he was charged with “disorderly conduct”. He was caught dancing in the streets and disrupting traffic. Upon his arrest he ended up jumping out of the moving police van and punched one of the officers who arrested him in the face.

Fact 3
Woody Harrelson has two brothers. They are Brett Harrelson and Jordan Harrelson.

Fact 4
During a candid interview he revealed that he was once a sex addict.

Fact 5
During one period in his life over the course of a year, Woody Harrelson had a total of 17 jobs.

Fact 6
He is well known for being an activist especially with regards to the legalization of marijuana.

Fact 7
In 2001 Woody Harrelson became the owner of a popular oxygen bar located in West Hollywood.

Fact 8
Woody Harrelson is close personal friends with the popular music group “The Red Hot Chili Peppers”. He is also friends with Michael J. Fox.

Fact 9
He has stated that he based part of his character in the film “Natural Born Killers” on his father who was convicted of murder when he was younger.

Fact 10
Woody Harrelson played the popular character of Woody Boyd in three television shows. They were “Cheers”, “The Simpsons” and “Frasier”.

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Short about Woody Harrelson
Is an American based film and television actor and renowned activist.