Ten fun facts about Roger Goodell

Ten fun facts about Roger Goodell

1. 14-Year Reign as NFL Commissioner Begins

On September 1, 2006, Roger Goodell officially began his tenure as the Commissioner of the National Football League, just in time for the start of the 2006 NFL season. This marked the beginning of Goodell's 14-year reign as the leader of the most popular professional sports league in the United States, during which he has overseen the growth of the NFL into a multi-billion dollar industry.

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2. The Most Powerful Man in Sports

Roger Goodell is a powerful figure in the world of sports. He has been dubbed "the most powerful man in sports" by commentators, and his influence is far-reaching. As the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), Goodell has the authority to make decisions that affect the entire league, from player safety to the implementation of new rules. He also has the power to shape the future of the NFL, from expanding the league to negotiating lucrative television contracts. Goodell's power and influence have made him one of the most influential figures in the sports world.

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3. A True Sportsman

Roger Goodell is a true sportsman. He graduated from Bronxville High School, where he was a three-sport star in football, basketball, and baseball. As a senior, he captained all three teams and was named the school's athlete of the year. His impressive athletic achievements earned him the respect of his peers and the admiration of his coaches. Goodell's success in high school set the stage for his future career in sports.

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4. Roger Goodell's College Football Dreams Cut Short

Roger Goodell's dream of playing college football was cut short due to a series of unfortunate injuries. Despite his best efforts, Goodell was unable to overcome the physical setbacks and was forced to abandon his aspirations of playing the sport at the collegiate level. Despite this, Goodell has gone on to become one of the most influential figures in the NFL, serving as the league's commissioner since 2006.

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5. Bartender to NFL Commish

As a college student, Roger Goodell worked as a bartender in Washington, Pennsylvania, where he gained valuable experience in customer service and hospitality. During his time there, he developed a strong work ethic and learned the importance of providing excellent service to customers. This experience has served him well in his current role as the Commissioner of the National Football League, where he is responsible for ensuring the league's success and maintaining its integrity.

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6. NFL Commissioner

Roger Goodell began his career in the NFL with a yearlong internship in the public relations department, followed by a stint with the New York Jets' promotions department. After gaining valuable experience in the NFL, Goodell went on to become the Commissioner of the National Football League in 2006. During his tenure, Goodell has been credited with modernizing the league, introducing new policies and initiatives to improve the game, and increasing the league's revenue. He has also been a strong advocate for player safety, introducing new rules and regulations to protect players from injury.

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7. NFL Commish, Washington & Jefferson Grad

Roger Goodell is a 1981 graduate of Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania, where he earned a degree in economics. During his time at the college, Goodell was an active member of the student body, participating in various clubs and organizations. After graduating, Goodell went on to become the Commissioner of the National Football League, a position he has held since 2006. His degree in economics has served him well in his role as Commissioner, as he has been able to successfully negotiate lucrative television contracts and other deals that have helped the NFL become the most profitable sports league in the world.

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8. Roger Goodell Secures 10-Year NFLPA Deal

In the summer of 2011, Roger Goodell was instrumental in the successful negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement between the NFLPA and NFL owners. Goodell worked tirelessly to ensure that both sides were able to come to an agreement that was beneficial to all parties involved. His efforts resulted in a 10-year agreement that included a salary cap, free agency, and a rookie wage scale. Goodell's hard work and dedication to the process ultimately led to a successful outcome for the NFL.

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9. NFL Commissioner Dedicated to Integrity

As Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell is dedicated to protecting the integrity of the game and making it safer for all involved. He refers to this as "protecting the shield", a reference to the NFL's iconic shield logo. Goodell is committed to ensuring that the game is played fairly and safely, and that the shield remains a symbol of excellence and integrity.

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10. Roger Goodell's Married Life is in the Spotlight

Roger Goodell, the current Commissioner of the National Football League, is married to Jane Skinner, a former anchor for Fox News Channel. The couple have two daughters, who are twins. Goodell and Skinner have been married since 1997, and their daughters were born in 2001.

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is the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), having been chosen to succeed the retiring Paul Tagliabue on August 8, 2006.