Ten fun facts about Procter & Gamble

Fact 1
During the American Civil War, the company had contracts with the Union Army, supplying them with soap and candles.

Fact 2
The company is known for its highly selective method of hiring, as less than 1% of the applicants are hired a year.

Fact 3
Of the company's eleven directors, five of them are women and have all been on Fortune Magazine's Most Powerful Women List.

Fact 4
In 1955, Procter&Gamble also began selling the first toothpaste to contain fluoride in it. The brand, as we all know and love today, was Crest.

Fact 5
Around 1850, the original logo of P&G was a man overlooking 13 stars to represent the 13 colonies, but was ended in 1985 after people argued it was a satanic representation.

Fact 6
Although cloth diapers were almost always used, the release of Pampers in 1961 proved to be a revolutionary product for the company.

Fact 7
The company's products are available on several continents including manufacturing operations in Europe, South Korea, New Zealand and more.

Fact 8
According to the 2011 Annual Report, 26 of the company's brands have more than a $1 billion in net annual sales.

Fact 9
Procter and Gamble both came from the United Kingdom and after settling in Cincinnati, met and married a pair of sisters.

Fact 10
P&G began selling more than 30 different kinds of soap by 1890, researching ideas like soap flakes, soap designed for washing machines and a synthetic household detergent.

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