Ten fun facts about John Napier

Fact 1
He is the inventor of Napier's bones which helps calculate the products and quotients of numbers.

Fact 2
There is a crater on the Moon named after his called the "Neper".

Fact 3
It is said that he would travel with a black spider in a small box, since he was considered to be a magician by some people.

Fact 4
Napier had a strong interest in the Book of Revelation, in which he published "A Plaine Disocvery of the Whole Revelation of St. John", where he predicted the date aht the world would end.

Fact 5
His dad was only 16 years old when John was born and was Sir Archibald of the Merchiston Castle.

Fact 6
He began school at the age of 13, then left shortly after, where he was said to have studied in Europe until the age of 21.

Fact 7
Known mostly for his invention of logarithms, he also made common the use of a decimal point in math.

Fact 8
Napier mostly worked alone but was said to have some correspondence with Tycho Brahe and John Craig.

Fact 9
He married his wife Elizabeth in 1572 but she died only 7 years later.

Fact 10
The Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland is also named after John.

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Short about John Napier
A Scottish landowner and also a mathematician, physicist and astronomer.